Mild Depression

What Does Mild Depression Mean?

Depression is a condition that as many as 15 million Americans suffer the symptoms from every single year, and there are several different types of this condition that people suffer from. According to the American Medical Association, there are as many as 18% of all Americans that will end up suffering from mild depression at one point or another during their lifetime.

When individuals that suffers from mild depression, they still have the ability to carry on with daily routine activities that are either not possible or are extremely hard to achieve with other forms of depression. Although many of the symptoms that people generally experience when they have mild depression are just like those that individuals experience with moderate or severe depression, they are experienced at a much lower severity.

With mild depression most people only notice a minor difference in their sleep patterns, eating habits, the level of energy that they have, slight decreases in job efficiency, and only a mild difference in their regular behavior patterns. Individuals do not necessarily need to seek medical attention for mild depression symptoms that they have noticed unless they are symptoms that are experienced for a long period of time.

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