Major Depression

What Does Major Depression Mean?

Major depression is a condition that is also commonly known as unipolar or clinical depression, and is generally the category of depression that individuals think of when they hear about depression. This category of depression is the one that is the most severe and it has the ability to cause drastic problems in the individual that have a negative impact on every single area of their life.

There are often times that individuals with this type of depression will seem to have completely given up, and there are numerous symptoms that are associated with major depression. There is often a complete change in their work performance, as they do not have the ability or the energy to function adequately to engage in a normal work routine. There are also big changes in relationships they have with other members of the family and in relationships with friends and social activities.

This generally happens because more often than not, the individual will become more and more withdrawn as the depression worsens. It is extremely important for individuals with major depression to seek help from medical professionals as soon as possible, to receive adequate treatment that can relieve the symptoms of this condition.

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