Clinical Depression

What Does Clinical Depression Mean?

Clinical depression is a serious medical condition that is also commonly referred to unipolar and major depressive disorder. This type of disorder is progressive, which means that over time, the symptoms can become much worse.

In many cases of individuals that suffer from clinical depression, it will often lead to the person harming their own body, it can lead to an excessive use of alcoholic beverages, and it can also end up in substance abuse. In extreme cases, the individual may even begin to have suicidal thoughts. Because of this, it is extremely important for this type of depression to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

It is not at all unusual for people with this type of depression to isolate themselves from close friends and members of the family. Some of the common signs that you should watch for would include extreme feelings of being sad, and the depressed person will generally show signs of despair as well. When clinical depression is left untreated, there is many times that the individual will need to be hospitalized as a way to prevent the person from being able to cause themselves any type of harm.

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