Bipolar Disorder

What Does Bipolar Disorder Mean?

Bipolar Disorder is a medical condition that was more commonly known as manic-depressive several years ago, and there are some people that still refer to this illness using both names. It is also a condition that is referred to as cyclothymic disorder.

With this type of condition the individual will generally experience periods of time feeling depressed, and these times will be alternated with times of a manic phase, or an elevated feeling of their mood. Generally during this phase the amount of physical and mental activities that they engage in will be increased and they often feel very good. However, during this phase they will generally not sleep very well during the night and it is much harder for them to be able to concentrate on various projects and responsibilities as they normally would.

This is a disorder that can be marked by the extreme changes in the individual’s mood levels, energy levels, and in their behavior. Although this is a disorder that can occur in children, it normally does not appear until a person is in their teenage years or during adulthood. Generally when children have disorder, family members often describe their mood as being hard to predict.

Common Treatment Options for Individuals with Bipolar Disorder.

Due to bipolar disorder being an illness to the brain, it is usually classified as a mental or psychiatric disorder. Scientific research classifies it as a medical condition with all the evidence that shows all the signs of imbalanced neurotransmitters…

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