Atypical Depression

What Does Atypical Depression Mean?

When a person lives with a family member or a close friend that has atypical depression, it can often feel that a normal and happy atmosphere is something that is absolutely impossible to achieve. However, when the symptoms that an individual may suffer from and the treatment plans that are available for atypical depression are looked at and compared to a few of the other forms of depression, this particular type of depression is one of the milder types.

It is also one of the most common forms that patients suffer from. Although many of the symptoms of atypical depression are the same as other types, a major difference is the fact that the patient is able to have positive and happy reactions to various types of situations.

They can enjoy having a good time with family members and close friends; however, when stressful situations occur, or the individual is alone again they will often slip right back down into a deep depression. Continuous bouts of being over-emotional, sleeping more than they should, and eating amounts of food that are more than normal, are often factors that can have a negative impact on romantic relationships they are involved in.

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